About this Blog
I started this blog to share various conditions that I find when performing field observations for wood structures and to practice non-technical writing.  Even with a backlog of pictures to share, I found myself wanting more out of this blog.  At this point, I hope to share my experiences with wood design, wood construction and other items I find along my path, such as news, videos, and other stuff. 

About Me
I have a B.S. in Civil Engineering (2003) and a M.S. in Civil Engineering (2005) from the University of Alabama.  After graduation, I worked at a design firm in Mobile, Alabama.  I am currently a Project Manager at Structural Design Group, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama. 

My chosen specialty in the field of structural engineering is wood design.  I have designed multiple wood structures including over 1200 apartment units for single and multi-story structures located throughout the South, with wind speeds up to 140mph.  I performed many of the structural field observations for the Auburn University Student Village, which consisted of eight four-story wood framed dormitories.  I averaged two days a week on-site for four months.  I outlined and performed a structural evaluation for a mid-1900’s wood framed commercial structure with over 60,000 square feet located in North Alabama. 

Registered Professional Engineer - Alabama

Professional Affiliations: 
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
    • Performance of Wood Structures Committee - 2010 - 2012
  • Structural Engineers Association of Alabama
    • Board of Directors - January 2011 - present   
    • Newsletter Editor - June 2011 - present
    • President Elect - 2012
  • American Wood Council
    • Wood Design Standards Comiitee - 2012 - present