Friday, November 5, 2010

Beat to Fit

I woke up last Monday morning in a hotel in Mississippi.  It was one of those almost cool, humid Southern mornings with an overcast sky and the promise of rain.  I was excited to get to the job site and get to work.  My excitement was more about getting finished so I could make it home to my first Preparing for Parenthood Class than it was for being on-site.  I do enjoy being on-site, but for that day it was trumped by thoughts of the arrival of my first child.  Anyway, I should at least say that I was pleasantly suprised by the framing conditions I found.  I am not that pessimistic, but problems often arise in wood framing construction. 

I was on my 20th, and last, house when I discovered the beauty below.  I can understand the need to cut a stud because the anchor bolt is in a bad position.  I have seen that happen many times now.  This may be the first case where someone decided to beat the stud into submission rather than use a power saw.  Maybe it was early in the morning and this guy was full of extra energy.  Maybe he was just wielding his authority with his all-mighty hammer.  Maybe the wiley ole-timer did this and had the panel set in place before the young thinker could get the saw out of the tool box.  I just could not help being reminded of the old saying "Beat to fit, paint to match."  

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